FILM Title / Role / Director / Company

One Last Stop                                           LEAD                     Dan Cameron                                      AFI Film Institute

Unseen                                                       LEAD                     Troy Forte                                            Independent

Slugger                                                       LEAD                     Cas Moss                                              Academy of Art: S.F

Welcome to the Neighborhood                   LEAD                     Alexander Payne                                  Academy of Art: S.F

Frat Bros                                                     LEAD                     Elliot Sobel                                           Berkeley Digital Film Institute

Can You Hear Me Now?                             LEAD                     Tom Sylla                                              Expression’s Digital College

You the Man                                               LEAD                      Annie McGregor                                   Art Institute of CA: S.F

The Pipe Organ                                          LEAD                     Jessica Sharp                                       Academy of Art: S. F

Watching                                                     LEAD                     F.Parise/E. Robbins                             UC Berkeley

Dangerous Encounter                                 LEAD                     Sofia Herradora                                   Diablo Valley College

Remember Me                                            LEAD                     Matt Childers                                       Expression’s Digital College

The Color of Greye                                     LEAD                     Jose Flores                                         Expression’s Digital College

Texas City, Texas                                      SUPPORTING        Angela Chen                                      AFI Film Institute

Lemon Drop                                               SUPPORTING         Stephanie Greenquist                       Junkyard Productions

A Period Drama                                         SUPPORTING         Kristine Gerolaga                               B.O.M Productions

Eyeball                                                       SUPPORTING         Robert Zimmerman                              Scary Cow Productions

Written In Blood                                         SUPPORTING         Gabriela Werneck                                 Academy of Art: S.F

Imperfection                                               SUPPORTING         Michelle Gould                                      Art Institute of CA: S.F

Smile                                                          SUPPORTING         Carlos Rodriguez                                  Art Institute of CA: S.F

Egg Shells                                                  SUPPORTING         Nathan Doughty                                   Kid Handsome Productions

Slow Date                                                  SUPPORTING         Cameron Lockwood                              S.F. School of Digital Filmmaking

The Biological Clock                                  SUPPORTING         Michelle Sampior                                  Independent

Void                                                            SUPPORTING         Angelic Sosa                                        Academy of Art: S. F.

Adventures of Mr. & Dister Action              SUPPORTING         J. Chen/S. Roudbari                             Thinking Stone Productions



TELEVISION Title / Role / Director / Production

Curiosity: Can You Live Forever?                 CO-STAR                Julian Jones                                          Discovery Channel



THEATER Title / Role / Director / Production

Picasso At The Lapin Agile                                PABLO PICASSO       Jeffrey Sun                                       Beverly Hills Playhouse

The Petrified Forest                                           DUKE MANTEE          Robert Zimmerman                          Firescape Theater

Engagement                                                      JEAN-MICHEL             Robert Zimmerman                          Beverly Hills Playhouse



COMMERCIALS / INDUSTRIALS (Conflicts available upon request)

12 - Regional Commercials, 9 - Specs, 8 - Internet Spots, 4 - Prints, 1 - Motion Capture



MUSIC VIDEOS Title / Role / Director / Artist

Leader of the Broken Hearts                             FATHER                  Ezio Lucido                                          Papa Roach         



VIDEO GAMES Title / Role / Production

Trigger (Codename)                                                           Motion Capture                                                    LucasArts



TRAINING School / Class / Instructor

Intentional Acting (current)                                               Script Analysis/ Scene Study                                 Loren Chadima

Killian's Workshop (Adult/Callback & Improv)                  Commercial Audition Technique (3 courses)          Killian McHugh

Chris Game Commercial Workshop                                Commercial Audition Technique                             Chris Game

Margie Haber Studios                                                      Advanced Auditioning Technique                            Courtney Burr

Upright Citizen's Brigade 101                                          Improv Sketch and Comedy                                    Gilli Nissim

Beverly Hills Playhouse: S.F                                           Scene Study/Workshop                                           Robert Zimmerman / Peter Allas

On Camera Audition Class                                              On Camera Training Workshop                               Rowan Brooks

Play Lab                                                                           Play Study Workshop/Table Read                           Mathew Keuter

Voice Basic/Continuing                                                    Voice Workshop                                                       Cynthia Lin




Athletics: Rollerblade, Martial Arts (various), Skating, Sprinter, Table Tennis, Tennis, Air hockey, Billiards, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Putting, Foosball, Proper Fall Down, Jump Rope, Frisbee, Softball, Ice Skate, Weight Lifting.

Talents: Computer Software skills, Build Computers, Bartending, Growling, Purring, Driving (automatic and manual),

CPR, M1 License and Can raise one eyebrow