Troy Forte born and raised in Northern California, mostly the Sacramento and Bay Area. Always wanting to compete with athletics and martial arts, Troy embraced the feeling of performance and the crowd and turned his sights towards acting. Having done numerous local commercial and industrial work. Troy has also done some theater including starring as the lead in Steve Martin's Picasso At The Lapin Agile performed at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in San Francisco. As well as working side by side with Adam Savage (Mythbusters) in Curiosity for Discovery Channel. Troy prefers to perform in front of the camera but still absolutely loves the feeling of a live audience.

              Troy trained in the theater with the Beverly Hills Playhouse of San Francisco for many years. He also has behind the camera experience including: editing, lighting, sound and camera. As of recently, Troy is dipping his toe into directing short films. Troy is eager to learn and has taken a few on camera/ audition workshops to hone his skills. As of now, he has made his way to Los Angeles to live out his dream.

             Very much the animal lover. Troy has two little orange boys that meow and purr at him daily. He considers himself a "jock-nerd", as he has no problem playing a PC game then right after that play some pick up basketball or go to the gym. He is known among the acting commuting as an extremely professional actor, selfless and is always willing to help those around him. 

             Troy's goal is to share the big screen with his idols.